Companies on site

Several companies are present on the Aéropôle Grand Nancy Tomblaine site, especially in the training and maintenance sectors.


  • DUC AVIA gives OBB & PPL pilot training; 
  • FLY IR  is a dedicated training school for IFR pilots (ILS, GNSS, etc.);
  • LOR’N’AIR is a new generation air academy;
  • NANCY ULM is a microlight flying school and also trades in microlight parts.



  • 54 AERO maintenance is an aircraft repair and maintenance workshop;
  • AEROSCAN specialises in aerial photography;
  • ICARIUS  is an aircraft maintenance company (Pilatus and helicopters);
  • LEVANT SECURITE is a surveillance, security and protection company;
  • LORRAINE AVIATION offers business aviation.


Coming soon : a restaurant open all day on the airport site.