Aéropôle Grand Nancy Tomblaine history

Aéropôle Grand Nancy Tomblaine history 

Nancy-Essey airport in Tomblaine has a history, a history that has enabled it to become what it is today : a local facility, less than 2 km from Nancy city centre and accessible 24 hours a day.


An airport used by the military 

Before 1926 this aerodrome was sited on the Malzéville plateau. At the time it was a military aerodrome. When it became too small, with no possibitiy of extension, it was transferred to its present site in Tomblaine, which was considered better suited to the needs of military aviation. 
The works for this transfer started in 1924 and in 1926 the squadrons from the Essey-les-Nancy base were transferred to the new airport. 
In 1936 a flying school was set up at the airfield, giving it great importance... This is doubtless what led the Luftwaffe (German air force) to occupy it from 1940 to 1944.
During this wartime period the airport was bombed several times.
Then, from the 1950s until 1990, the Tomblaine airfield was an important base used for light aviation by the army, with many units installed here.

Start of scheduled services

In 1966 the airport was used for scheduled services from cities such as Paris, Dijon, Lyon, London, etc. However in 1991, Metz-Nancy Lorraine airport was built and, since it had better facilities, scheduled flights were transferred there.
Many elected representatives have fought to keep Nancy-Essey airport in Tomblaine, threatened by the arrival of the Nancy-Metz Lorraine regional airport. 
At present, Nancy-Essey airport in Tomblaine hosts business flights, health flights and recreational and school flights. It also serves as an offloading platform in the event of closure of the regional airport. 

An airport of public utility

In effect, the airport provides a public evacuation service.
It is a public utility today since it also houses the SAMU emergency ambulance helicopter and can be used for organ transfers.
There are therefore real advantages in maintaining this local airport providing a public service!

A fast developing airport 

On 20 December 2011 a public service delegation contract was signed between the airport and the Meurthe-et-Moselle Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI 54) for the operation and development of Nancy-Essey airport in Tomblaine for a 25-year term.
The CCI 54, which won the call for tenders issued by Grand Nancy, is longstanding partner of the airport, since it was a member of the Syndicat Mixte (public-private entity) created in 1994 and dissolved in 2011 for creation of the SASU (Société par Action Simplifiée à Associé Unique - simplified single shareholder company) Grand Nancy Aéropôle (single shareholder CCI 54).
The CCI 54 has been designated by other territorial chambers of commerce and industry as a point of contact to coordinate, at regional level, issues related to airport management in Lorraine.
There are high ambitions for Aéropôle Grand Nancy Tomblaine: economic, medical and societal ambitions!