Business aviation

Business aviation : customisation, profitability and flexibility !

Business aviation meets the new mobility requirements of passengers travelling for business reasons.

Are you a professional ? A company ? A Lorraine SME/SMI ?

Take advantage of air transport for your business trips to ensure speed and profitability !

Business aviation offers travellers a solution that is fast, flexible, reliable, secure and economical for getting to their chosen destinations.

In addition to saving time and offering great flexibility, the use of a business aircraft provides other less quantifiable but just as important advantages, such as flights on demand, the possibility of conducting business meetings in private during flights, more direct access to company installations (which may not be connected by scheduled flights) and less fatigue for employees who travel often.


For your business trips, Aéropôle Grand Nancy Tomblaine proposes three options :


Demonstration of the advantages of business aviation

As an illustration, let's take an example comparing different modes of transport - car, train, flying on a scheduled flight and flying on a business aviation aircraft :

Let’s say that we have an appointment for a meeting lasting two hours (14:00 to 16:00) in a fortnight’s time in Lyon city centre.

Time and costs of return trip excluding the meeting
  Car* Train Plane (scheduled services) Plane (business aviation)
Departure time 9:30 8:20 4 hr 12:30
Return time 20h30 22:00 22:00 17:30
Travelling time 9 hr 11 hr 40 16 hr 3 hr
Night 0 0 0 0
Cost for 1 person €175 + €200** €205 + €200** €598 + €200** €3750
Cost for 6 people 2 cars :
€410 + €1200**
€1230 + €1200** €3598 + €1200** €3750
Price per person €68 + €200** €205 + €200** €598 + €200** €625

*Petrol car of average size - price including petrol, toll charges and a meal at €15
**The €200/passenger corresponds to a morning’s work lost in transport.
Source: DADS-INSEE (operating costs at 1/12)

In this scenario, business aviation is far more advantageous in terms of time!  
Business aviation leads to  less fatigue and, in this case, saves at least  6 hours of travelling time, or half a working day.
A  financial saving can also be seen if we compare business aviation and scheduled flights with Air France.