Aéropôle Grand Nancy Tomblaine, a city centre airport !

The airport is effectively only 5 minutes from the centre of Nancy, great city of the Grand Est region, at the heart of  Lorraine.
Lorraine has a rich and varied heritage with its natural parks, museums, historic monuments, applied arts and gastronomy. Nancy is the administrative centre of this beautiful wooded region featuring both plains and highlands, and crossed by the rivers Moselle, Meuse and Meurthe.
Nancy has succeeded in making the most of its geographical situation (traversed by major European routes) and history to attract artistic and industrial skills. Today Nancy balances Art Nouveau (Nancy School) style districts with Unesco World Heritage sites such as the famous Place Stanislas.
Its old city combines medieval and renaissance styles.
The “Beauty of the East” stands out for its diversity, modernity, history and little districts of contrasting appearance that give the impression of real villages within the city. It will intrigue you and offers you the possibility of discovering it via its many museums (Musée Lorrain, Musée des Beaux Arts, Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy, Muséum Aquarium, Musée de l’Histoire du Fer (railway history museum), among others). 
In a verdant and wooded region, Nancy has protected nature with its impressive number of parks, not to mention its fabulous Botanical Gardens.
So just a few minutes from the airport you will find Nancy, a city that is simultaneously full of history, flower-bedecked and relaxing, moving with the times.
Indeed, Nancy proves to be a very modern, vibrant city with its numerous show venues (Zénith, Opéra National de Lorraine, Théâtre de la Manufacture, L’Autre Canal, Ensemble Poirel, etc.), its many flagship events (Le Livre sur la Place, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, the ephemeral garden on Place Stanislas, Saint Nicolas, the summer son et lumière “Rendez-vous Place Stan”, etc.) and its wide-ranging sporting facilities (high level sports clubs, Nancy-Brabois Hippodrome, Nancy-Pulnoy Golf course, the SLUC, the ASNL, Marcel Picot Stadium just a stone’s throw from the airport, etc.)
With Grand Nancy Tomblaine airport, you are  close to a city of openness and exchange, a cultural, attractive city, with subtle charms ... in short, a city that will delight you !
Whether to discover the history of Lorraine, to learn, to go out, for entertainment or just to wander through the narrow streets or stroll around the main shopping streets, there is something to suit all tastes and all lengths of stay !
We bet that you will leave with a smile on your lips, saying “I Love NancY” !
And Lorraine does not stop at Nancy, there are many beautiful villages in the surrounding area : 
To find out more, see the Nancy Tourist Office website

Nancy, at the heart of Lorraine

Nancy is located between Metz (to the north), with its rich 3,000-year heritage, and Epinal (to the south) with its colourful facades and historic district. Less than an hour from Nancy lie the Vosges mountains with their lakes, forests, ski resorts and many recreational areas. Luxembourg City is an hour away from Nancy to the north, while Germany is an hour away to the east. Thanks to the TGV high speed train, it only takes 90 minutes to get to Paris from Nancy.  
To sum up, Nancy offers numerous possibilities to tourists, and Grand Nancy Tomblaine airport  is just a stone’s throw from Nancy